Questions and Answers

For how long will my files be stored?

Files will be removed if they have not been viewed for 60 days. A view is counted when someone visits the file’s download page ( or views the file through a list the file is included in (

If you upload a file while logged into your pixeldrain account you will be able to delete the file yourself from the download page of the file. If you are not logged in and you accidentally upload something you shouldn’t have, just don’t share the link. The file will expire eventually. File links are not indexed or published anywhere. As long as you don’t share it nobody will see it.

Can I donate to pixeldrain?

We provide extra features for users who support us on Patreon, but if you just want to give some money and don’t care about the perks these options are also available:

Content policy

The following types of content are not allowed to be shared on pixeldrain. They will be removed when reported.

  • Copyright violation: Works which are shared without permission from the copyright holder. For copyright reports we need a formal DMCA takedown request originating from the copyright holder or a representative. If your request is not valid it will be ignored. Takedown requests which are sent to any other address than will also be ignored.
  • Abuse of minors: Videos, images or audio fragments depicting abuse or inappropriate touching of minors will be removed and reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children when found.
  • Terrorism: Videos, images or audio fragments which promote and glorify acts of terrorism.
  • Gore: Graphic and shocking videos or images depicting severe harm to humans (or animals). I will clarify that I am not strictly against shocking content, and it is also not illegal in most places. When a shocking video goes viral it often ends up in the wrong places and it can cause mental issues for unsuspecting viewers. For that reason I will remove it when it gets reported.
  • Malware and computer viruses: Software designed to cause harm to computer systems.
  • Doxing: Posting private information about an individual or organisation. This includes publicly sharing private photos, videos or documents. Shaming and extortion are not accepted.

Violating these rules will result in your IP address being banned from uploading to pixeldrain.

If you have found content which falls in any of these categories on pixeldrain please report it using the report button on the download page of the file. Do not send an e-mail, it will be ignored. When a file has received enough reports of the same type it will automatically be blocked. I will also manually review reported files occasionally.

If you have found content which infringes on your copyright you can send a formal DMCA take-down request to and I will review it. In your e-mail you need to swear under penalty of perjury that you (or your company) own exclusive rights to the claimed content. Please state the name of your organisation so the report can be properly categorised.

Fornaxian Technologies cannot be held liable for any illegal or copyrighted material that’s uploaded by the users of this application under the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act § 512(c) in the USA and the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000 Article 14 in the EU.

How does pixeldrain store files?

Pixeldrain uses a few different techniques to store files cheaply, efficiently and performantly. The servers which accept files from users have a hard disk drive cache of typically a few terabytes (4 to 16). This is where most of the files are kept. When a file is requested from another server it will look up where the file is stored using a lookup table in the shared database. It will then try to contact that server to request the file and proxy the data directly to the requesting user.

Each server keeps track of which files are popular with its own userbase. This includes files which it is not storing locally. It does this using a popularity score. Every time a request to read a file comes in it will add 1 to the score of that file. This score will slowly degrade over time. Periodically the server will request all files with a high popularity score so it can store them locally to save bandwidth. If there is not enough space available to store these popular files it will move some less popular files to the next storage medium to make space available for the more popular files.

The next storage medium is Sia. This is where all the files live which are not requested frequently, but are still occasionally needed. Sia is a storage marketplace where anyone can sell their storage space for financial compensation in Siacoins. If you have storage space available and would like to provide it to pixeldrain and other services you should read our Sia hosting guidelines. There we explain which requirements we are setting for hosts and some handy tips for getting started with hosting.

Do I need to register an account?

Not if you don’t want to. You’re free to use pixeldrain completely anonymously. Without a pixeldrain account you can upload files, download files and create lists of files. And view your uploaded files on the history page. This page only shows files which were uploaded anonymously in this web browser.

By registering an account on pixeldrain you will be able to access your files from any device with a web browser. Files you upload and lists you create will be linked to your pixeldrain account and will show up on your personal home page.

What cookies does pixeldrain use?

When logging in to a pixeldrain account a cookie named ‘pd_auth_key’ will be installed. This cookie keeps your login session active. When you delete it you will be logged out of your account.

When you use the style selector on the Appearance page a cookie called ‘style’ will be set. This cookie controls the appearance of the website for you.

When uploading a file pixeldrain will save a list of file links on your browser’s local storage. This data is only used for viewing your upload history on the history page.


For other questions you can reach me at I get a lot more e-mail than I can reply to, so I will only reply to urgent problems or things which I deem important. Abuse reports sent to this address will not be reviewed, use the abuse address.