Platform: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 | License: GPL-3.0 | Website | GitHub

ShareX is a Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool. Pixeldrain is supported as a custom uploader. You can get ShareX here.

Here you can download our custom ShareX uploader which uses pixeldrain to upload your files.

save Download ShareX Uploader
Log in to use ShareX with your own pixeldrain account.

Setting pixeldrain as default uploader

Download the uploader config and choose 'Open file'

Set as active uploader. Choose Yes


Platform: Windows, Linux, Android | License: MIT | GitHub

A simple tool for uploading files to pixeldrain. Supports uploading to accounts, copying download links to the clipboard and has an upload history screen.

Pixeldrain Android

Platform: Android | License: None | GitHub

An Android app for uploading and sharing files on pixeldrain. You can get a compiled APK package from the GitHub releases page.


Platform: Linux, Mac OS, Windows (CLI) | License: MIT | GitHub

go-pd is a command line interface and client library for pixeldrain created by Manuel Reschke. The CLI supports uploading files anonymously, and uploading to user accounts. The client library supports uploading, downloading and deleting files, creating and viewing lists and user accounts. Compiled binaries are available on the GitHub releases page.


Platform: Linux, Mac OS, Windows (CLI) | License: MIT | Website | GitHub

go-pixeldrain is a command line interface for pixeldrain created by Junpei Kawamoto. You can use it to upload and download files and directories from your terminal. Compiled binaries are available on the GitHub releases page.


Platform: Linux, BSD, Mac OS (CLI) | License: None | GitHub

pdup is a little bash script for uploading files to pixeldrain from the terminal. It's available from GitHub.

More apps

If you know more open source apps which work with pixeldrain please send them to