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What is pixeldrain?

Pixeldrain is a file sharing website built for speed and ease of use. You can upload files you want to share online to our servers and we will hold on to them for at least a month. During this time anyone with the link will be able to download your files. Pixeldrain is built to be as fast as possible, so you don't have to do any unnecessary waiting when downloading files.

Files can be uploaded by clicking the big green upload button, or by dragging them onto this page from your file manager.

If you uploaded multiple files at once you can also create a list, which is a collection of files with one single link. Like a photo album, a music record or a video compilation. Click the 'Create list with uploaded files' button after your uploads are complete. The files will be saved in the order you uploaded them.

Getting more out of pixeldrain

By purchasing a subscription you support pixeldrain on its mission to make content sharing easier, safer and faster for everyone.

Pixeldrain uses SI standard units for measuring file sizes. If you are using Microsoft Windows your files may appear smaller than they actually are.

Size limit per file
5 GB per file (4.66 GiB)
15 GB per file (13.97 GiB)
File expiry
30 days after the last time it is viewed
90 days after the last time it is viewed
Pop-up or a banner ad on the file viewer page
No ads on files you share. No ads when viewing files uploaded by other users
No trackers, but advertisers can see your IP address and browser fingerprint
Completely private. No third party scripts and no logging
Transfer limit
Rate limiting mode will be enabled when a file has 3 times more downloads than views
Transfer limit of 1 terabyte. If the transfer limit is exceeded files will show ads again and rate limiting is enabled
Storage space
500 gigabytes
1 terabyte
Download speed
Up to 4 MiB/s, may be slower during busy periods
High priority bandwidth for files you download and files on your account
Online file previews
View image, audio, PDF and text files directly in your web browser
Video streaming in your web browser. Free users will also be able to watch videos you uploaded
Only € 2 per month or € 20 per year!
(Excluding tax)
Subscription managed by Patreon

Do you need even more time and space? Check out our other plans

€ 4
20 GB max file size (18.63 GiB)
120 days file expiry
2 TB transfer limit
2 TB storage space
€ 8
20 GB max file size
240 days file expiry
4 TB transfer limit
4 TB storage space
€ 16
20 GB max file size
480 days file expiry
8 TB transfer limit
8 TB storage space
€ 32
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
16 TB transfer limit
16 TB storage space
€ 64
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
32 TB transfer limit
32 TB storage space
€ 96
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
48 TB transfer limit
48 TB storage space
€ 128
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
64 TB transfer limit
64 TB storage space
€ 192
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
96 TB transfer limit
96 TB storage space
€ 256
20 GB max file size
Files never expire
128 TB transfer limit
128 TB storage space
Pixeldrain is a product by Fornaxian Technologies
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